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Leadership Speech

        Welcome to our website!  
        Zhuzhou Hong Tong Carbide Co., Ltd. was established more than 10 years, we continue to regulate business, improve management, unity and innovation, the introduction of talents and advanced equipment, technology research and development as a means of fine management for security, the company is committed to fight Carbide innovative enterprise model!       

In the company's development process, we have been the love of many customers at home and abroad, has also been the strong support of partners, I carry all my colleagues in the company to express my heartfelt thanks to the vast number of merchants! In the coming years, I hope to continue to be the majority of new and old partners of concern and support! We will continue to adhere to the "unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovative, pragmatic and enterprising" purposes, to the market output of quality products, to provide customers with integrity services, and customers achieve mutually beneficial win-win!

General Manager Zhou Yingyi