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2013 Zhuzhou Hoetom full - Mount Lu tour activities

Writer:Arris ZhangDate:2013/9/28

In order to allow employees to relax the intense work, maintain physical and mental health, but also to enrich their amateur life and enhance team cohesion, the company leadership decided to organize staff to conduct a collective activity. After a number of test and analysis, taking into account the summer heat and the consent of the staff, and finally decided to play in Jiangxi. Mount Lu is located in the north of Jiangxi Jiujiang, is a Horst block mountain, the whole mountain, 29 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 16 km, is famous for the male, odd, dangerous, show. Mount Lu, especially in midsummer spring like cool climate for tourists yearning, is the famous scenic spot and summer resort. In this event, we will actively participate in various activities, mutual help, began to embark on the journey from laughing and talking, at the moment, until three days after the return to the company, we are immersed in an atmosphere of harmony and enjoy.

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